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The Green Future Dream Initiative (GFDI) is a Non-Governmental Organization performs its activities in Tanzania mainland under non-governmental act No 24 of 2002 with its amendments of 2015. The organization established in 2016 and registered in April 2019
The organization is registered as multi sector under national as a society based organization, non-political and non-profit organization.
The organization meant to pursue her vision and goals in collaboration with development partners and stakeholders of similar and/or related vision and goals.
We are designated as Non-Government Organization focused;
Advocacy and awareness focusing in addressing primary and secondary drop out pupil’s challenges, domestic violence, and pandemic illness (TB and HIV/AIDS) and engaging the community towards economic opportunities focusing on up keeping economic and social development eventually

It is GFDI commitment to build on the past and learn from each other to develop the best practices to the under-saved community from grass root to national at large.
We commit to drive mostly communities fully engaging in the best economic venture to fetch their basic social and economic needs, regardless of race, religion, or gender.
It’s our vision one day; all young girl and boys will be in opposition to freely accessing an excellent education to fulfill their dreams.
Empowered community to best engaging in socio economic opportunities with positive focusing towards development at large perspective.


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