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Action Pastorale pour le Developpement Humain (APADEH)


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Pastoral Action for Human Development (APADEH) is a non-profit humanitarian non-denominational Christian organization that fights against the inequalities that perpetuate poverty. Together, we save, protect and rebuild lives. We help people improve their lives and the lives of others. We intervene in areas such as protection, child protection, discrimination against women, education and development. We will continue to work until every human being can live free from poverty.

Through our actions we provide physical and professional support to disadvantaged populations, especially children, young people, women and families.
As a child protection institution, we believe that every child, regardless of faith, gender or race, is a human being like everyone else and a precious gift to the world. And we also believe that if all our children are well protected we will have a world with adults able to work for the collective well-being. The well-being of children concerns us all and we will never be at peace while they are suffering. The respect and dignity of the people concerned and the beneficiaries of actions and communities are at the heart of the commitment of APADEH staff and collaborators, in all contexts of intervention.


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