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UDDIPAN, a national development organization of Bangladesh has solemnly regarded as one of the 10 largest development organizations in our country. It has country wide development interventions aiming to promote & facilitate human rights including child and youth rights and socio-economic upliftment of the people, with particular focus to marginalized, rights deprived and poverty stricken sections of the society. Its long & multi-tired development experiences & commitment to people are the key strengths to achieve uniqueness in performances and make it a renowned development performer in Bangladesh.

UDDIPAN is also visibly involved in capacity enhancement, networking, advocacy & lobbying with an aim to establish a just society, accountability, transparency and good governance and bring meaningful changes in the livelihoods of the people and rightly utilizes the growth potentials of the country placing people in the centre of all development initiatives. UDDIPAN’s policies & strategies are dynamic & enriched through a learning process for over a period of 33 years for building a society based on justice, confidince, accountabily, reliability, human rights and nondiscrimination through responding to the needs, aspiration & potentials of the human being at large.


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