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Raiser Foundation is a registered national non-governmental organization that promotes children and women’s wellbeing.
Our Vision: A world in which every child and every woman attain their rights and achieve their full potential.
Over Mission: To promote the wellbeing of every child and every woman through; sustainable natural resources management, improved reproductive health and rights, improved livelihoods, better life skills, and quality education in Uganda.

a) Education Programme
i) The Girls’ Education Project: Whereas the Universal Primary Education (UPE) provided a good opportunity for poor parents to send their children to school, including the girls who are in most cases culturally disadvantaged, there are emerging challenges that still affect the children, and especially the girls. Some of these challenges include high dropout rates, and poor performance in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). The effects of these challenges include; early marriages, teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions and poverty. Whereas there is a general agreement on the need to empower women, this cannot be achieved and sustained, unless the issues affecting girls’ education are addressed, hence the Girls Education Project (GEP).
ii) The Mentorship Project: This project aims at building the capacity of young people by linking them to mature, skilled, talented, professional, and willing individuals.
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iii) Vocational Skills Project: This project aims at providing skills to vulnerable children.

b) Stop Child Labour Programme
i) The Free child labour community Project:
Raiser Foundation is contributing to the elimination of child labour by working with key stakeholders including community members. The free child labour communities project works with communities to identify children who are vulnerable to, or victims of child labour. It also works with the government and the private sector to address issues of child labour. Whereas it is important to note that child labor free zones does not necessarily mean that the designated areas are already free of child labor, they are combat zones, which shall realize the total abolition of child labour through this project.
ii) The 8.7 SDG Advocacy Project:
Raiser Foundation is implementing a project entitled; ‘Engaging through the Sustainable Development Goals Voluntary National Reporting (VNR) to protect children from child labour in Uganda’. The project aims at contributing to the national voluntary reporting process on SDGs, in collaboration with other CSOs. The process aims at facilitating the sharing of experiences, including successes, challenges and lessons learned, with a view to accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. It also seeks to advocate for the strengthening of policies and institutions of governments and to mobilize multi-stakeholder support and partnerships for the implementation, monitoring and reporting of the Sustainable Development Goals progress in Uganda.

c) Stop Child Marriage Programme
i) Ending child marriage in community project: Raiser Foundation works with community champions to create awareness against child marriage.

ii) Ending child marriage through advocacy project: This project seeks to engage with duty bearers at local and national level to advocate for implementation and monitoring of relevant policies in Uganda.
d) Sustainable Natural Resources Management Programme
i) School Environmental Project: This project aims at creating awareness on environmental issues among school children, and enhancing their knowledge and skills on environmental protection.
e) Reproductive Health and Rights Programme
i) Adolescent Reproductive Health Project: This project aims at mobilizing, and sensitizing adolescents about their reproductive health and rights. It seeks to partner with local service providers to refer the youth for services.
ii) Maternal Health Project: This project seeks to mobilise, sensitise, and refer women of reproductive age for relevant services. It also seeks to empower rural women to claim their reproductive rights.


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