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The Palestinian Center for Democracy & Conflict Resolution (PCDCR)


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PCDCR is a civil non-profitable organization established in August 1998 in Palestine as an investment of distinguished efforts exerted by a group of Palestinian youth highly motivated and ambitious to develop a Palestinian model promotes democratic principles and modern conflict resolution alternatives. In order to deal with a very complicated situation characterized considering an on-going devastating polices, measures and practices of Israeli military occupation severely affects operating on national basis. Furthermore, implications of the internal split obviously emerged faltering performance of both governments in West Bank and Gaza Strip. Within dramatic, drastic and historic changes in the wake of Arab Spring; fund continues to be highly political and restricted accompanied with diversion in priorities and trends with decline in sustainable developmental fund already stumbled and paralyzed by the geographical fragmentation, economic deterioration as well as the legislative paralysis due to not convening PLC since mid-2007.

Within such circumstances; PCDCR intends to stay committed to effectively contribute in building a democratic society adherent to human rights in prevalence of justice, equality and social peace within a good governance regime govern by transparency, integrity and accountability on the way to establish the free and independent Palestinian state. Special focus given to contribute in fulfilling the pressing needs of vulnerable groups (women, children and youth) to enjoy their rights especially in regard to social wellbeing, protection and fully engagement in decision making within the democratic context.

PCDCR's Vision:
"PCDCR strive being a role model in social political change”.

PCDCR's Mission:
“PCDCR seeks to promote democratic principles, human rights, social peace, good governance, and gender equality. In addition to psychosocial and legal support to vulnerable and marginalized groups”.


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