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Fundación Azulado is an Ecuadorian non-profit organization that promotes multi-disciplinary prevention, diagnosis and intervention in children and families that are victims of abuse, mistreatment or negligence.
We are a non-profit organization that works to prevent violence and child sexual abuse since 2010.
With our work, we seek to build a less violent society, where protecting and taking care of children becomes a responsibility of all.
We lend a hand!
Fundación Azulado promotes empowerment and collaboration from all members of society to work towards the construction of an environment without violence for children in our country.
Our mission is to provide adults with the necessary tools to become responsible and protective members towards the wellbeing of children. Adults are the first reference in a child’s eyes, which is why we must act in an aware and responsible manner. Let’s not turn our backs on childhood.
Fundación Azulado objective is to prevent child maltreatment and sexual abuse through educational programs directed to parents, teachers, and children. The impact of working with these three groups is powerful and increases the possibility of real change in family and school environments. When teachers, parents, and caregivers change their mentality, the impact over time is enormous. We also provide psychological treatment to children and families who have experienced situations of abuse, thus working on the underlying problem of child abuse in Ecuador.


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