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Who we are: Families Foundation is a global not-for-profit whose mission is to contribute to strengthening communities in LMIC by strengthening the foundational building block of all communities – the family.

What we want to achieve: We want to actively contribute to a world in which all children have a nurturing and stimulating environment at home and in their communities.

How we do it: We provide technical assistance, working collaboratively with local organisations and other partners active in the implementing community, to build local capacity to effectively meet the needs of the community.

Our Expertise: We have extensive expertise in implementation science, collaborative planning, training and supporting the delivery of the most evidenced parenting programme in the world.

Our Partners: We have global strategic partnerships with Triple P International, The Centre for Evidence and Implementation, University of Queensland and the Hagar Foundation.

Our Approach
Our approach is based on building capacity in five areas:

Family Capacity: by supporting the implementation of practices, programs and strategies that will focus on early childhood development, positive parenting and parent competence and confidence

Workforce Capacity: through training a broad range of community workers and practitioners to deliver programs that have been proven to be effective and achieve desired outcomes

Community Capacity: through working with local leadership, supporting the identification of local needs and priorities to inform ongoing planning and service development.

Sustainability Capacity: Through effective implementation planning and system development we will support NGOs, CBOs and communities to plan for long term and sustained effective programme delivery

Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity: through our strategic partnership with Centre for Evidence and Implementation robust monitoring and evaluation plans will be developed for all initiatives and local personnel will be trained in the tools and frameworks


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