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Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan Foundation (LRB)


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Lutfur Rahman Bhuiyan Foundation (LRB) was establish in 2001 in the name of a famous social worker to uphold his ideal and continue his activities initiated for social change.
LRB started its development work through initiation of poverty alleviation program for slum-dweller women of Dhaka City in 2003. Henceforth, the organization has been ceaselessly attempting to address other inter-liked issues that worsen situation of marginalized people trapped in poverty cycle. Throughout its journey, LRB gathered experiences, strengthened organizational capacity, incorporated new programs, discovered new opportunities, developed collaboration with various stakeholders, geographically covered more areas and reached to thousands of marginalized people with demand-driven services. LRB specially focuses on cross-cutting issues like gender sensitivity, environment, people with disabilities and digitalization.
Mission of LRB is to score sustainable development for marginalized people of Bangladesh through poverty alleviation, effective education, health promotion, rights implementation, food security, standard abode, access to energy and technology, environment conservation and endorsement of knowledge-based society.

LRB foresees a poverty-free, educated, healthy, rights-based, food-enriched, resorting, energy-filled, technology-using and knowledge-based Bangladesh.

Target Groups:
Target people of LRB include women, children, persons with disabilities, transgender beings and senior citizens irrespective to their race, ethnicity, religion, age and gender.


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