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Hope Again For Widows (Hafows)


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Hope Again for Widows (HAFOWS) is an indigenous nongovernmental organization, formed in 2013 in Shinyanga, Tanzania and accorded the registration number OONGO/00007031. It is an NGO that demonstrates compassion and support to WIDOWS, vulnerable Children and Woman, so that they become transformed spiritually, socially, mentally and economically. Our initiatives are more of a psycho-social complex project in addressing psycho-social issues around Young girls, Widows and Children. This is addressed through our proposed projects, we mainly aim at changing widows’, young girls and children lives in the community, by addressing challenges facing them notably
• Lack of child care option/ Violence Against Child.
• Food Insecurity and Malnutrition
• Lack of capital or income to earn their everyday domestic life.
• Lack of marketable skills or education.
• Poor access to health services.
• Lack of good and sustainable housing.
• Lack of access rights to land and Inheritance.


Sexual violence

Physical violence

Emotional violence



Women and gender equality

Early Childhood Development

Social Services/Child Protection

Justice/Law Enforcement