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Western Uganda FBO Network is an umbrella network for FBOs in western Uganda. Its duly constituted by FBOs working in Western Uganda. Our role is to complement Government programs in order to improve the wellbeing of people in Uganda, especially the marginalized (MARPS), in line with the national policies to eradicate poverty and bring about human rights respect and social cohesion using faith structures.

The network has undertaken number of innovations aimed at improving family health and wellbeing at district and sub district levels availing ability and effectiveness to undertake effective advocacy to influence the policies, programs and practices of Institutions and other Development partners for the benefit of the poor and marginalized, using Faith to create awareness, debate, develop consensus and to systematically follow up on key issues of interest to our communities. Western Uganda FBO Network was formed to enhance networking, effectiveness and unity to cooperate on social and economic issues.

A strong and coordinated faith organization network influencing and contributing to the wellbeing of all people.

To provide leadership to FBOs in western Uganda region through capacity building, joint Advocacy, Lobbying, Networking, Research and Information sharing.

§ Collective action and responsibility
§ Mutual respect
§ Transparence and Accountability
§ Respect of human rights
§ Equity and gender consideration
§ Participation
§ Selflessness.

To facilitate processes that provides a platform for FBOs to influence development policies and practices at District, Regional and international levels.
To strengthen capacities of Western Uganda FBO Network and member organizations to deliver effectively on their core mandate.
To establish information generation and sharing avenues among the Faith based Civil Society organizations and key development actors for quality service delivery in communities.
To create and strengthen strategic alliances among FBOs, private sector and government that increase opportunities for the Network and member organizations to actively engage in the Development processes.


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