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International Union of Parents and Teachers Association (IUPTA)


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Due to all difficulty and socio-economic loses associated with education service in Africa ( United Nations) and all other means of education factors; (problems that parents and teachers are facing); taking into consideration the children’s’ disturbances, high schools expenses and immoralities to which we faced during the academic year. In vein of the uncoordinated nature of response from students, especially during the time of their exam and attendance to school, high price of learning and teaching materials, some school’s infractures in the deprave areas etc; due to the children misconduct: ( annoyances, high fees, corruption), all forms of criminalities and absenteeism etc) which are the illegal actions / injustice in schools and also due to due to the implication of educational programmes; are the points of motivation that drove us to create this apolitical multinational association to the cooperative vocation under the nations’ education service; assist Government ( Ministry of education) to alleviate all problems faced by education industries in the United Nations.


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