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Pedostop is a Non-Governmental Organisation in Mauritius which has been working on the issue of child sexual abuse. Pedostop was founded in 2005. It was incorporated at the Registrar of Associations on the 28 December 2012 with the registration number 13114. The association is accredited with the NGO-CSR since 14 June 2013, bearing number 1595.

Our mission is to empower the society, especially individuals, families, teachers, healthcare professionals, and communities with intervention and prevention skills to minimize the occurrence of child sexual abuse and offer support to the victims.

Our work includes:

• Inform and sensitise the Mauritian population on sexual abuse on children.
• To provide a platform to past and present victims of sexual abuses to express themselves
• Provide information and counsel on available resources : medical, psychological and legal support
• Provide financial support for psychological, medical and legal needs
• Improve support to children victims of sexual abuse by making new proposals, offering training and recommendations to stakeholders involved in child protection, professionals, national and international institutions.


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