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Visions Association for Civil Society (VACS) seeks to provide quality education environment to participate in building better Palestinian society. (VACS) is a Palestinian community based nonprofit NGO established in 2006 and licensed at the Ministry of Interior # 7529 in Rafah city. VACS is a member to the Education & Protection cluster with OCHA-UN in Gaza and participates regularly in almost every activity. We strongly adhere to a child protection policy and other recommendation stated by the UNICEF in such regards. VACS seeks to promote lifesaving, protection, equality and ensure constructive dialogue between various actors with conflicting views on key issues. It creates and develops a neutral space for dialogue by using innovative and alternative to nonviolence that allow those engaged in the debate over issues to participate in meetings, public debates and broadcast events to better involve and inform citizens on legal, democratic and social issues. VACS is based on the conviction that promotion of democracy at local and community scales is linked. VACS conducts innovative programs for the children and youth like peace education, conflict resolution, reconciliation and nonviolence activities. VACS seeks to improve its work and services, build the capacity of the team and maximize the area of services and programs provided to the targeted children and youth through innovative and creative programs.


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