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Education, Awareness & Community Development Organization is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political humanitarian organization committed to empower, sensitize and mobilize the marginalized and downtrodden communities to use their own talent, time and treasure on integrated human and social development towards vigilant society having vibrant-equitable economy, healthy communities and harmonious human relation.
As special focus communities, the youth, children and women, EACD mobilized special workshops, seminars and debates for youth on topics leadership and vocations to prepare them to cope with future challenges in shaping a new model of economy and society as the next generation of leaders. Children as their successor, even in their childish stage, EACD has designed special indoor and outdoor activities to start building their awareness and capacities.

Aim and Objectives:
1. To upgrade the status of youth through education and skills.
2. To organize dispersed women and girls to raise voice against their exploitation.
3. To provide essential medical aid to the most vulnerable patients.
4. To provide quality education to the school dropouts to increase education rate.
5. To vaccinate the children and youth to protect them from various fatal diseases.
6. To protect the rights of the children through the training of children rights defenders.
7. To help people and rescue them in the time of natural and manmade disasters.
8. To provide basic facilities like clean drinking water and hygienically save sanitation.
9. To give trainings to protect global environment & reduce global warming.
To promote human sustainability and prosperity through provision of basic human rights.
The mission of EACD is to facilitate the suffering/voiceless/marginalized persons towards development, prosperity and wellbeing.


Sexual violence

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Women and gender equality

Early Childhood Development

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Human Rights