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“The Awakening” is non profit, non-government, charitable organization (NGO),and is mandated through its charter to undertake initiatives for an improvement in the quality of life and uplift of marginalized and vulnerable communities by means of health, human rights and social change.

In response to the growing demand, “The Awakening” started to conduct more training on women’s and children rights, gender, sexuality and leadership building. These ranged from introductory courses for experienced activists and leaders, who wanted to develop a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the intersections between gender, sexuality, and rights. “The Awakening” also expanded the scale and reaches of its programmes and campaigns, and introduced new issues and methods.

Core competencies of “The Awakening” are on social justice, girl education, elimination of violence against women and children, advocacy and lobbying for pro women laws and promoting a culture of tolerance by taking pragmatic measures for interfaith harmony and protecting rights of religious minorities and transgender communities.

“The Awakening” co pioneered the first ever women jirga was an outreach of “The Awakening” social justice programme in the history of Pashtun Culture. We were able to give this jirga international 3 Organizational Profile recognition and it was awarded as the International Women of Courage Award by the Department of State, USA. “The Awakening” pioneered the first ever young girls group in Swat by the name Girls United for Human Rights (GUHR) and this group successfully took up initiatives against early and forced marriages and we were able to give it international recognition and it was awarded the Muhammad Ali International Humanitarian Award in USA, Asian Girls Ambassador Award 2016, Taiwan, Asian Girls Rights Award 2016. Moreover “The Awakening” is playing an important role for the promotion of girl education in District Swat. Keeping in mind the educational needs and issues being faced by girls in access to education we have established the first ever (Education Coordination Group) with the technical support of Lys i Mørket LIMDK – Denmark. The main purpose of the education coordination group is to make a more coordinated, integrated effort to improve the education system and make it more accessible to the girls of District Swat. This education coordination group will play a vital role to influence the policy. The member of this group includes line departments, CBOs, NGOs, INGOs that are working on education.


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