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Shamwariyemwanasikana(Exclusive Friend of the Girl Child)


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SYS is a community based organisation that seeks to promote the rights and empowerment of the girl child in the home, school and community. It is a registered trust (MA0000732/14) under the legal laws of Zimbabwe and was awarded a Private Voluntary Organization registration in July 2017. S.Y.S’s headquarters is in Chitungwiza and we have a sub office in Avonlea, Marlborough, Harare, Zimbabwe. The organization also has a sub office in Murewa respectively.

SYS as an organisation was formed with the aim of emancipating the girl child from all forms of abuse that have and continue to hinder her development. The heart of the organisation is to address the concerns of the girl child and protect her from all issues that have the potential to destroy her dreams, hopes and full development.


Physical violence

Emotional violence



Women and gender equality