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Defence for Children Interna onal (DCI) is an independent grassroots and rights- based non-governmental organisa on (NGO) that promotes and protects chil- dren’s rights on a global, regional, na- onal and local level. DCI is one of the leading NGOs with regard to issues of juvenile jus ce with on the ground pres- ence in ve con nents: 47 na onal sec- ons and an Interna onal Secretariat (Geneva). It is one of few interna onal organiza ons to truly put Southern and Northern ins tu ons on equal foot- ing - and in equal partnership. Founded in 1979 – the rst Interna onal Year of the Child, DCI was one of the dra ers of the United Na ons Conven on on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Currently, the organiza on holds consulta ve sta- tus with the United Na ons Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), UNICEF, UNESCO and the Council of Europe (CoE).


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